About Dr. Paul

After 25 years of practicing as a Pain and Sports Doctor, I’ve been extremely frustrated with the current drug model as a first line approach. “Take a pill it will cure all your ills”, is not only false but potentially dangerous for your long-term health.

Often drugs  may relieve the symptoms but rarely do they  treat the real cause of your problem(s) resulting in side effects and other health problems.

 Healing Philosophy

My philosophy for chronic health problems is to first turn on the body’s own healing power with a combination of proper nutrition, exercise, natural remedies, treatments and cures that are right for your body.

Treat the root cause of the problem and the symptoms usually go away. For many people, this approach cures or relieves their chronic health problems.

And for those whom this is not the answer, then drugs and other choices can be tried to a secondary option.

This natural combination treatment approach used in my Natural Pain Relief Center, has been very successful in helping people who suffer with chronic pain, arthritis, insomnia and depression.


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Dr. Paul’s Biography

  • Past Chief Medical Officer and Founder Headache & Pain Relief Center
  • Chief Researcher on the Arthritis and Joint Pain Project Medical Formulator for Arthritis Cure
  • Dr. Paul’s Pain Relief Cream, IsaDelight Plus weight loss chocolate
  • Creator of the Pain-Relief-4-Life Program
  • Diplomate of the American Academy of Pain Management
  • American and Canadian Medical Doctor
  • Graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School