Avoid these 5 Evil Foods to Help Get Rid of Your Knee Pain And Arthritis

Here’s a quick and easy way to have less and maybe even eliminate your arthritis knee pain –

Avoid eating these foods:

  • Potatoes ( Sweet potatoes or  Yams are okay)
  • Sweet and Hot Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Eggplant
  • Paprika ( used as a food coloring agent and in mustard)

These are called nightshades and maybe a major source of your pain.

In fact, as reported on the Lose the back pain web site…

In a study published in the Journal of International Academy of Prevention Medicine, of the 5,000 arthritis sufferers who just eliminated nightshades from their diet, 70% reported significant relief from aches, pains and disfigurements.

Most people with knee pain and arthritis have a problem with one of more of the nightshades.

You may only have a pain reaction with some but not all of these foods.

Here’s What to Do

Don’t eat these 5 foods at all  for 2 weeks.

Eliminate them completely from your diet.

Chances are you will have less or no pain.

After, 2 weeks, add one food back into your day every day and see if your pain flares.

If your pain flares, then you know that food is a problem for you.

Why do the Nightshades Cause Pain?

Nightshades contain natural toxins that cause inflammation and pain.

Why Didn’t My Doctor Tell Me About Avoiding Nightshades

Most doctors are unaware that nightshades are a problem and don’t believe diet affects arthritis pain. LOL.

Dr. Paul’s Advice

Avoid nightshades for 2 weeks and see for yourself what happens to your knee pain and arthritis.

P.S. My knee and hip arthritis is much better when I avoid the nightshades – potatoes, eggplant, paprika and tomatoes!

P.S.S. Nicotine is a nightshade.