Get Rid of Bone on Bone Knee Arthritis Pain without Painful Injections, Bad Drugs or a Total Knee Replacement!

There was a guy in my local gym locker room bragging about the expensive total knee replacement he was going to get from the best Orthopedic Surgeon in town.

He had bone on bone knee arthritis pain and this was the only treatment that would “cure” him.

So I asked him, “Would you be open to trying an inexpensive clinically proven knee treatment that may give you lasting joint pain relief and help delay or even avoid knee surgery altogether.”

I also shared with him, that I too suffer with knee arthritis but have little or no pain and avoided a knee replacement myself .

His answer shocked me, “I tried injections along with drugs and now my surgeon told me there is nothing you can do for the bone on bone arthritis knee pain except a total knee replacement.”

You Can’t Cure Knee Arthritis But You Can Get Rid of Your Pain

This is a major medical myth – while you can’t cure bone on bone knee arthritis, with proper knee treatment you can enjoy significant pain relief and get back an active life.

A recent 2012 South Korean Study showed that there was no correlation between the severity of arthritis and the amount of pain one suffered.

For example, one person could have minimal arthritis and terrible pain, while someone else could have no pain and severe knee arthritis.

In fact the amount of knee arthritis pain suffered was directly related to depressive mood symptoms not the severity of the arthritis itself.

Bone on bone knee arthritis pain relief is possible  with proper knee treatments.

Natural Joint and Pain Relief System

The knee treatment that not only helped me avoid surgery and my patients enjoy significant pain relief is an “Joint and Pain Relief System.”

The Joint and Pain Relief System uses a natural pain relief cream to relieve pain and a joint formula with 18 super joint nutrients that support healthy cartilage growth.

My medical research team and I found over the past 10 years of research that 88.41% of patients enjoyed significant knee  improvement and got back their active lives with this Joint and Pain Relief System.

Many of these patients had bone on bone arthritis yet kept their own knee and are now walking, playing sports, working out and even running.

Certainly the Joint and Pain Relief System should be tried for knee arthritis pain relief before committing to a total knee replacement.