Cetyl Myristoleate Helps Knee Arthritis

One of the 24 Super- Joint Nutrients my research team and I discovered for chronic knee pain and arthritis is Cetyl Myristoleate. Here are several study results for this excellent joint health nutrient.

Study 1:


To determine the benefit of cetylated fatty acids (Cetyl Myristoleate Complex) on knee range of motion and function in patients with osteoarthritis (OA).


Sixty-four patients with chronic knee OA were evaluated at baseline and at 30 and 68 days after consuming either placebo (vegetable oil; n = 31) or Cetyl Myristoleate Complex . Evaluations included physician assessment, knee range of motion with goniometry, and the Lequesne Algofunctional Index (LAI).


After 68 days, patients treated with Cetyl Myristoleate Complex exhibited significant (p < 0.001) increase in knee flexion (10.1 degrees) compared to patients given placebo (1.1 degrees). Neither group reported improvement in knee extension. Patient responses to the LAI indicated a significant (p < 0.001) shift towards functional improvement for the CFA group (-5.4 points) after 68 days compared to a modest improvement in the placebo group (-2.1 points).


Compared to placebo, Cetyl Myristoleate Complex provides an improvement in knee range of motion and overall function in patients with knee osteoarthritis.

Cetyl Myristoleate Complex may be an alternative to the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of OA.

When one starts to combine the super-joint nutrients patients get even better results…

Dr. H. Siemandi conducted a double blind study under the auspices of the Joint European Hospital Studies Program

There were 431 patients in the study, 106 who received cetyl myristoleate, 99 who received cetyl myristoleate, and glucosamine, sea cucumber, and hydrolyzed cartilage and 226 who received a placebo. Clinical assessment included radiological test and other studies.

Results were 63% improvement for the cetyl myristoleate group, 87% for the cetyl myristoleate plus glucosamine group and 15% for the placebo group.

Another large open study with another CMO complex – A two year study was done by Advanced Medical Systems and Design Ltd on cersasomal-cis-9-cetylmyristoleate (trademarked Imunall by Medisure Ltd.), throughout Canada in the mid 90’s.

According to their “Evaluation Report” dated October 1996, 1814 arthritic subjects were tested. The results showed that over 87% of the subjects had greater than 50% recovery and over 65% of those showed greater than 75-100% recovery following a 16 day regimen.

Approximately 95% of the subjects who had a favorable response did so within the first 10 day period!

Dr. Paul’s Comments: CMO is amazing for your arthritic joints. That’s why I add it to all my joint formulas.