Don’t Get Platelet Injections for Your Knee Pain and Arthritis

Yesterday’s post sure got lots of repsonse.

Most of you reporting positive reuslts.

Todays post is about avoiding an expensive, ineffective and potentially dangerous treatment – platelet injections also called PRP.

You may have read about some super stars getting this treatment…

 The Los Angeles Times reported Kobe Bryant underwent a platelet injection procedure in Germany to strengthen his arthritis-plagued right knee.

The Times said that tennis star Rafael Nadal, as well as golfer Tiger Woods and Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward have all gone through treatments like Bryant.

Don’t be fooled…

Why are Platelet Injections a Bad Treatment for Your Knee Arthritis?

In fact the studies and real world experience with platelet injections are quite limited, the results poor and the treatment is expensive.

The idea that a single injection or therapy for chronic knee arthritis is just not realistic.

There is no single magical pill, knee injection or surgery that fixes arthritis.

Future Treatments Coming Soon!

The most promising treatment in the future is stem cells with cartilage regeneration.

Best Knee Arthritis Treatment Today!

Right now there are combinations of natural treatments that are extremely effective for knee arthritis by supporting healthy cartilage growth and reducing inflammation.

Knee arthritis is an ongoing problem of cartilage damage, inflammation and pain. Cartilage needs joint healthy nutrients to support growth.

The main joint nutrients shown in human and animal studies to help support healthy cartilage growth are gelatin, cetyl myristoleate, glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.

These joint nutrients taken daily in the right amounts do thicken cartilage over time. Second, the pain and inflammation cycle must be stopped. Several knee treatments used in combination help with the pain –

  • acupuncture
  • pulsed electrical magnetic therapy including low level laser ( which has far more clinical studies and real world results than plate injections)
  • natural pain relief cream not synthetic
  • gentle knee exercises – like biking and Tai chi
  • mediation or deep spiritual prayer
  • randomized micro tens machine
  • ice or heat with the natural pain relief cream
  • physical therapy

Get Rid of Inflammation

For the inflammation – Natural Anti- Inflammatories like ice , heat, and stretching. Joint comfort herbs and nutrients

  • red marine algae
  • cetyl myristoleate
  • bromelain
  • serropeptase
  • tumeric

Stop the Causes of Inflammation

  • increase knee muscle strength to reduce load on the joint
  • change activities or work to reduce knee cartilage micro trauma

These knee treatments when used in combinations are far more effective for knee arthritis pain relief and long term cartilage health than single therapies including platelet injections.