Dr. Paul’s Best 5 Natural Joint Formulas for Arthritis and Chronic Knee Pain

All of these natural joint formulas listed are good and I have years of expereince with them.

In my testing the multi-ingredient formulas, if properly formulated give the best results.

I tested most joint formulas on the market  and these are the best of the best.

Here ares my best 5  joint formula recommendations in no particular order…

1) Restore – excellent formula that has the glucosamine from corn instead of shellfish

2) Ultimate Relief Rx  – 24 super joint nutrients for comfort and support healthy cartilage growth

3) Dr. Theo’s ASU – excellent formula works well for some people

4) Isagenix Ageless Joint Support–  18 medical formulated ingredients for comfort and support healthy cartilage growth

5) Osteo-Biflex Triple Strength Advanced Formula –  for those who just want a good glucosamine chondroitin formula that you can trust


For transparency, I did formulate 2 of these after I couldn’t find one that fit all the needs of my patients.