My 81 Year Old Dad Cured His Knee Arthritis Pain with Exercise

My 81 year old dad is amazingly fit, playing 2 hours singles tennis a day often with guys half his age.

A year ago he developed some mild right knee arthritis pain again.

He wanted some knee exercises to get rid of his pain. Just 4 weeks after starting his exercise program, his knee  pain went away and has not returned in over a year.


My Dad’s Free Knee Exercise Program for Arthritis Pain Relief

1) Exercise bikes with low intensity and high repetitions about 100 rpm 20 minute a day.

2) Lifts weights – whole body with  isolated quads and hamstring strengthening

3) Three Times a Week do 16 minutes of interval training on the exercise bike

Dr. Paul’s Advice

Try these knee exercises yourself  – you’ll be amazed at how much knee pain relief and more active you become.

Remember if you have pain from an activity or exercise modify or change your choice.