Physical Therapy and Acupuncture for Knee Pain and Arthritis are Far More Effective than Drugs and Safer Too!

You go to the doctor for knee pain or arthritis.

First you get a prescription for NSAID drugs.

Once the drugs fail, you get a cortisone shot.

After the injection fails, you get offered a total knee replacement.

Don’t fall for this – there are much better , more effective knee treatments to try first…

Here’s the power of natural knee treatments in combination.

A large Chinese study showed that acupuncture and physical therapy gave better and long lasting knee arthritis pain releif than a typical NSAID drug.

And so much safer than drugs, no bleeding ulcers, heart attacks or early death.

Even worse, NSAIDS typically destroy your joints three times faster than taking nothing at all.

Clinical study on the treatment of knee osteoarthritis by acupuncture plus manipulative regulation of knee muscle Sun K, Bao XM, Song YC, Liu DC

CONCLUSION: Acupuncture plus manipulative regulation (massage) of knee muscle balance can effectively improve the clinical symptoms and knee joint’s motor function of patients with knee osteoarthritis, and can avoid the further development of disease.

It is a proved effective method for knee osteoarthritis.

Dr. Paul’s Comments

The bottom line – physical therapy and acupuncture in combination for knee arthritis pain relief are far more effective than drugs, injections and surgery and much safer too!