Pulsed Magnetic Therapy Helps Knee Pain and Arthritis

I first learned about pulsed magnetic therapy (PMFT) 20 years ago from Dr. Glen Gordon.

Back in the day we used a special low level laser from Russia with amazing results.

Now there are more modern and even better devices.

Here is a study on the used of PMFT for knee arthritis pain relief.

Pulsed magnetic field therapy for knee osteoarthritis –a double-blind sham-controlled trial. Nicolakis P, Kollmitzer J, Crevenna R, Bittner C, Erdogmus CB, Nicolakis J.

BACKGROUND AND METHODS: Pulsed magnetic field therapy is frequently used to treat the knee symptoms of osteoarthritis, although its efficacy has not been proven.

We conducted a randomized, double-blind comparison of pulsed magnetic field and sham therapy in patients with symptomatic knee arthritis.

Patients were assigned to receive 84 sessions, each with a duration of 30 minutes, of either pulsed magnetic field or sham treatment.

Patients administered the treatment on their own at home, twice a day for six weeks.

CONCLUSION: In patients with symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee, PMF treatment can reduce impairment in activities of daily life and improve knee function.

Dr. Paul’s Comments: Pulsed electrical magnetic therapy has no side effects and amazing results. Give it a try for your knee pain and arthritis.