Visualization Helps Arthritis Pain Relief Up to 50%

Here’s an article on how you can visualize away your arthritis pain!

A serendipitous discovery by academics at The University of Nottingham has shown that a simple illusion can significantly reduce and in some cases even temporarily get rid of  arthritic pain in the hand.

By tricking the brain into believing that the painful part of the hand is being stretched or shrunk, the researchers were able to halve the pain felt by 85 per cent of sufferers they tested.

Dr. Catherine Preston, commented: “During the course of the day the grandmother of one of the children wanted to have a go, but warned us to be gentle because of the arthritis in her fingers.

We were giving her a practical demonstration of illusory finger stretching when she announced: “My finger doesn’t hurt any more!” and asked whether she could take the machine home with her!

We were just stunned I don’t know who was more surprised, her or us!”

The Study

The results showed a marked reduction in pain on average halving the discomfort for 85 per cent of volunteers.

Some reported greater reduction in pain for stretching, some for shrinking and some for both.

The pain reduction only worked when painful parts of the hand were manipulated.

Remarkably, stretching or shrinking the painful part of the hand temporarily eliminated pain in one-third of all volunteers. Anecdotally, many volunteers also reported an increased range of movement.

Dr. Paul’s Comments

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