Why Does Your Knee Arthritis Hurt So Much and How You Can Get Rid of Your Pain…

Knee arthritis pain sucks.

Here’s the real story on why you suffer with pain and what you can do about it right now…

All arthritic knee pain ultimately is caused by cartilage damage with joint inflammation and swelling which fires your pain nerves.

 You actually have 4 types of pain and inflammation but for easier understanding, here I offer this simplified model.

In some severe cases, you may also lose the natural painkillers produced in your brain and spine.

Knee cartilage damage results from two problems – poor joint health and trauma. Poor joint health weakens cartilage making you makes you susceptible to knee arthritis.

Poor Knee Joint Health

Cartilage is full of essential nutrients like Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic acid, Collagen type 2, along with certain vitamins and minerals – all needed by your joint cells to maintain and rebuild healthy cartilage.

To get those necessary joint nutrients, we’re actually supposed to eat cartilage, bones and seafood shells.

If you not sure what cartilage is … it’s the tough rubbery bits on animal skeletons – an example is chicken sternums.

Today, in our modern diets, we’re missing those important healthy joint nutrients because most of us don’t gnaw on bones and eat cartilage as did our hunting-and-gathering ancestors, 10,000 years ago.

For healthy joints, you need a diet full of Vitamins C and D plus mineral-rich fruits and vegetables.

When you lack basic joint nourishment, your cartilage becomes weak and soft.

Weak cartilage is easily damaged. That damage can lead to early arthritis.


If you have arthritis, somehow your knee cartilage was damaged many years ago, either from wear and tear ( called micro-trauma) over time or trauma like a sports injury and sometimes both.

Cartilage is a slippery substance like teflon that coats your knee bones allowing them to slide across each other without friction.

Once you damage your cartilage, it causes inflammation and swelling that fires your pain nerves.

Damaged cartilage creates a rough surface rough so your bones no longer slide smoothly but start to catch on the jagged edges and grind off more and more cartilage.

It’s like having sandpaper on the ends of your knees bones – rubbing on each other wearing away your cartilage.

This inflammation pain cycle never stops – grinding away your knee cartilage, day after day, year after year until there is little or none left.

Once you grind the cartilage right off the bone it exposes the pain nerve endings hidden below in the bone. Often you have hidden triggers that worsen the inflammation pain cycle.

Inflammation Pain Cycle

This inflammation pain cycle is extremely difficult to stop.

Single therapies, supplements or treatments are usually not powerful enough to stop this cycle.

Combination therapy is the key to breaking the inflammation and pain cycle.

The Best Combination Knee Arthritis Treatment

In my clinic what I found is a combination knee treatment of both a natural anti-inflammatories and a natural  pain relief spray or cream  along with good phyiscal therapy helps most patients with lasting relief and let’s them become active again.