Why Natural Anti-Inflammatories are Better, Safer and Offer More Relief than NSAIDs for Knee Arthritis

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a single pill that was a miracle cure for your knee pain?

In my medical experience that doesn’t exist.

But there are combinations of natural anti-inflammatories super-joint nutrients that can give you quick, powerful knee arthritis relief.

Natural anti-inflammatories are super-joint nutrients that relieve your arthritic knee pain and inflammation without the side effects of drugs.

At the same time these super-nutrients support healthy knee cartilage growth.

Most people unfortunately instead take anti-inflammatory drugs called NSAIDs.

You know these as Motrin™, Aleve™, Advil™ and there are hundreds of others.

A few thoughts for you to consider about NSAIDs…


NSAIDs are Dangerous Drugs

NSAIDs have serious and potentially lethal side effects, including bleeding ulcers, kidney failure and heart attacks.

These drugs have killed over 1.7 million people in the U.S. alone and they are the 15th leading cause of death.

What makes this death toll even more tragic is: NSAIDs really are a poor choice for arthritis pain.

These drugs stealthily destroy your joints (even your healthy joints are affected) by shutting down the cells that maintain your cartilage.

In fact, studies show NSAIDs accelerate your arthritis up to three times faster than if you attempted no knee treatment.

That’s right: More than 100 million people are taking a drug for knee arthritis that actually makes it worse.

Before I made the switch, and converted my practice to one comprising all-natural, drug-free therapeis, I used to lecture for the “dark side” – the pharmaceutical companies.

Big Pharma is well aware of the studies showing that NSAIDs accelerate arthritis with serious side effects.

Yet these firms still insist on marketing and selling these drugs for arthritis joint pain. People’s pain for profits!


Natural Anti-Inflammatories with Super-Joint Nutrients Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
Pain and Inflammation Relief Excellent; more effective with time Take daily; no need to cycle  Good but become less  effective with daily use Need to cycle on and off
Cartilage Rebuilds and Strengthens Slows rate of loss  Destroys*Increases rate of loss and arthritis up to 3 times faster
Possible Side Effects None or extremely rare and usually mild  Bleeding ulcers Heart attacks Kidney failure Early Death

* most but not all.

Dr. Paul’s Comments

Take natural anti-inflammatories not drugs for your knee arthritis to get rid of your pain and save your joints.