#1 Most Effective Chronic Pain Treatment without Drugs, Injections or Surgery

This the most effective and inexpensive pain treatment I know –

  • Helps all types of chronic pain problems from back to cancer pain
  • Costs Less than $50 for a lifetime of relief
  • Relieves up to 65% or more of your pain
  • Takes just 30 -60 minutes day
  • Can be done anywhere
  • Mixes well with all other kinds of treatments

This chronic pain treatment has helped my patients and is well proven in studies.

Before I share this treatment, please do keep an open mind and try this for 4 weeks.

It will change your life!

This  #1 chronic pain treatment I know is called Mindfulness Meditation.

I know you may be doubtful, think it’s weird or just plain nuts but it’s simple a method to boost your own natural pain killers – the endorphins.

Clinically-Proven, Long-Lasting Pain Relief

In 1987, a study of 90 chronic pain patients after a ten-week course in Jon Kabat-Zinn’s mindfulness meditation showed dramatically decreased levels of pain up averaging 65%, as well as lessened anxiety and depression.

Hmmm. Perhaps there is something to this mindful meditation.

Dr. Henry  Benson showed meditating just 15 minutes a day lowers inflammation after 30 days by turning off 2,000 genes that causes inflammation.

How Does It Work?

Brain scans have showed that meditation boosts the natural pain killers called endorphins in your brain.

Endorphins are your natural morphine without the side effects.

How Do I Get Started?

Buy Jon Kabat-Zinns book, Where Ever You Go There You Are.

Get his meditation CDs.

Listen to the CD everyday for 30 days.

Let me know how you do.