New Study Finds GMO Foods Causes Cancer, Kidney and Liver Damage with Early Death

Today’s post is not about arthritis or knee pain. Well it is indirectly becuase if you eat GMO foods you may not be around to worry about your arthirtis or knee pain.

Here’s an excerpt from a Dr. Mercola article on the evils of GMO foods…

The first-ever lifetime feeding study  evaluating the health risks of genetically engineered foods was published online on September 19, 2102  and the results are troubling, to say the least. This new study joins a list of over  30 other animal studies showing toxic or allergenic problems with genetically engineered foods.

The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, found that rats fed a type of genetically engineered corn that is prevalent in the US food supply for two years developed massive mammary tumors, kidney and liver damage, and other serious health problems.

Generational gene transfer is yet another issue. A frequent claim has been that new genes introduced in GE foods are harmless, as they would theoretically be broken up in the intestines.

But researchers have now discovered that genes can be transferred through the intestinal wall into your blood.

GE crop genes have been found in sufficiently large amounts in human blood, muscle tissue and liver to be identified. And the biological impact – especially the generational impact – of this gene transfer is completely unknown, and cannot be known for at least a human generation or two.

Unless we take notice of the results from animal feeding studies!

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Dr. Paul’s Comments

Eat natural organic foods as they do not contain GMO. I’m not surprised GMO foods are toxins causing, inflammation,  cancer and death.

When one plays god with the food supply millions of people will die needlessly.