Organic Food – A Scam or the Best Choice for Your Health!

Is organic food really better for you or not…

A study published yesterday in USA Today from two doctors claimed showed that organic food was no more healthy than conventional food.

This kind of bogus science pisses me off because it’s highly misleading which confuses people causing them harm.

Let’s examine the facts…

First, the doctors did no new research but reviewed existing studies.

Second, they were measuring the nutritional content of organic versus conventional.

Third, they said toxins don’t matter. Really?

Would you like some pesticide with your fries?

Fact#1) The Nutritional Value of Organic Food Does Vary But has Less Toxins

Yes, nutritional organic food is sometimes higher in nutrients and sometimes not than conventional.

The studies I’ve read show organic produce and fruits nutritional ranges from 5%to 85% of the ideal.

But nutritional value is not the main reason to eat organic food.

You eat organic to avoid disease and cancer causing man-made toxins.

And what did the two doctors find ?

Conventional food had 38% toxicity compared to organic of only 7%.

Consuming organic foods with less pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, food additives, trans fats, artificial sweeteners and so on just makes plain common sense.

But in the doctors opinions toxicity levels didn’t matter.

That makes no sense with the exisitng research on toxins or the model of optimal human health.

Besides it’s just dumb.

Fact#2) Toxins Make You Sick and Can Kill You!

Man-made toxins cause inflammation which is a major factor in chronic disease like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity and depression.

According to Mount Sinai School of Medicine the average person has over 167 man-made toxins in their fat!

Let examine just one known man made toxin – trans fats.

For example here’s a study published on CBS NEWS 

An analysis of data from the large Nurses’ Health Study shows that women who ate the most trans fats were more than three times as likely to develop heart disease as those who consumed the least.

The findings, presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA), support recommendations to avoid trans fat as much as possible, says researcher Qi Sun, M.D., of the Harvard School of Public Health.

Reuters publsihed a European Study that showed that Trans-Fats are linked to Increase Breast Cancer Risk.

Eating too much trans  fat long known to raise heart disease risk and cancer can also boost your risk of depression new research suggests, according to WebMD.

And let us not forget our children’s health…

Fact#3) Organic Food is Healthy for your Kids

A study performed at the University of Washington compared the urine of children who ate organic food with urine of children who ate conventional food.

The results found that kids who ate an organic diet were exposed to six to nine times fewer toxic pesticides than their conventional-eating peers.

Researchers don’t yet know what negative health effects, if any, low-level, chronic exposure to agricultural chemicals have on young children.

In large amounts, these chemicals have been linked to bone and brain cancer. Yikes!

But it gets worse…

According to an article on CNN Health, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey performed in 2010 by the Center for Disease Control found that children who are exposed to chemicals used to grow conventional produce are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than children who eat organic fruits and vegetables.

In the past, agricultural chemicals have been linked to behavioral problems in children who live in farming communities.

These chemicals have toxic effects on the nervous system and affect children’s brain chemistry, leading to disorders such as ADHD.

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Fact#4) Eat Organic Foods to Avoid Toxins and Live a Long Healthy Life!

This is a no-brainer. Eat organic as much as you can instead of conventional food!