Harvard Study Shows Micro-Fracture Knee Surgery Raises Arthritis Risk & Pain

For a while elite professional atheltes were getting micro fracture surgery for chronic knee pain and arthritis.

NBA stars Penny Hardaway, Terrell Brandon, Chris Webber, Jamal Mashburn, Allan Houston and Tracy McGrady all had micro-fracture knee surgery and the results were terrible – all players were forced into early retirement.

I had micro-fracture knee surgery ( against my will) as well and ended up with crippling knee arthritis.

Warning! Do Not Get MicroFracture Surgery for Any Reason – It Sucks!!!

Here’s the Harvard Medical School study.

Radiological evaluation of knee cartilage after microfracture treatment: A long-term follow-up study.

Von Keudell A, Atzwanger J, Forstner R, Resch H, Hoffelner T, Mayer M.


Our study demonstrated that microfracture as a knee treatment option for cartilage defect ( arthritis) in the knee did not show the anticipated clinical and radiological long-term results.

In 12 of 15 patients the cartilage defect size had increased after MFX, in 2 patients indicating total knee replacement.


And worse I had this knee surgery by mistake!

Dr. Paul’s Comments

Do not get a micro fracture knee surgery for any reason – EVER!