Here’s Why Never To Get A Knee Replacement – If You Get Premature Prosthesis Failure You’re Screwed…

For some reason that completely eludes me, people think that the ultimate answer for knee arthirtis pain is a total knee replacement.

Knee replacement failures are as high as 1 in 10 people.

Many often have permanent post surgical pain.

This is not fixable with more surgery.

The fact is most people can avoid or delay knee replacement with proper knee treatment.

Knee Replacement Disaster

More than 1.5 million total joint replacement operations are performed worldwide each year for arthritis.

Amost 10 per cent of implants fail and require additional surgery, report appears in the ACS journal Molecular Pharmaceutics.

Dong Wang and colleagues at University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Hospital for Special Surgery of New York explain that wear and tear in a joint replacement can create tiny bits of debris that cause local inflammation, knee pain and lead to bone loss.

And this is really bad news.

Treatment usually comes too late, they say, since it’s difficult to detect the problem in its early stages. “When pain or clear radiographic evidence is reported, unfortunately, considerable bone loss has already occurred, which cannot be easily restored,” say the scientists.


Dr. Paul’s Comments

Avoid knee replacement surgery at all cost.

First, if you get your knee chopped out you are no longer a candidate for stem cell treatment.

Stem cell treatment is the future answer for arthritis.

There are many natural knee pain treatments that can help you today delay or avoid a knee replacement.

This is I’ve failed on all other knee treatments last resort option.