Knee Surgery Useless?

Keyhole knee operation “may be useless” according to an article in the Daily Mail. Keyhole knee surgery is another word for knee arthroscopy surgery.

Thousands of people having keyhole knee surgery could be wasting their time and money, according to U.S. researchers. They found that patients who underwent ‘dummy’ operations were just as likely to report knee pain relief as those who actually underwent a proper procedure.

The findings cast serious doubt over the true benefits of arthroscopy – one of the most common treatments for knee osteoarthritis.

Dr. Paul’s Comments

This is no surprise as there are much better choices for knee arthritis pain relief especially if used in combination.

Try one of more of those natural arthritis pain relief treatments which are safer, more effective and life-changing than dubious knee surgery.

Knee Arthritis Treatments 

  • natural anti-inflammatory supplements like Ultimate Relief Rx
  • knee exercises like biking, tai-chi, elliptical machine, walking
  • knee strengthening
  • anti-inflmamatory diet
  • bodyweight control
  • cushioning and supportive shoes with foot orthotics
  • osteoarthritis knee brace
  • pain relief sprays or rubs like Brazilian Heat
  • ice and heat treatments
  • physical therapy and knee rehabilitation