Clinical Trial Testing Stem Cell Bandage to Heal Torn Knee Meniscus

Here’s an interesting article on the future of stem cells to re-grow a torn knee meniscus.

 There is a clinical trial starting soon to test if a stem cell bandage helps heal torn knee meniscus.

Millions of people with knee injuries could benefit from a new type of stem cell bandage treatment if clinical trials are successful.

The world’s first clinical trial for the treatment of patients with torn meniscal cartilage has received approval from the UK regulatory agency, the MHRA1, to commence.

The current knee treatment for the majority of tears is the partial surgical removal of the meniscus, a procedure that often results in the early onset of osteoarthritis.

The Phase I trial, one of the first in the UK to be approved using stem cells, will treat meniscal tear patients with a cell bandage product, seeded with the patient’s own, expanded, stem cells.

Dr. Paul’s Comments – Stem cells are the future for meniscal repair and arthritis but these knee treatments are still in clinical trials and testing.

This is another reason to do everything in your power to keep your knees and other joints from being replaced.

Once a joint is replaced you cannot get stem cells!