Dr. Paul’s Best 5 Natural Joint Formulas for Arthritis and Chronic Knee Pain

Here ares my best 5 natural joint formula recommendations in no order...
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Visualization Helps Arthritis Pain Relief Up to 50%

Here's an article on how you can visualize away your arthritis pain - for free!
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Why Arthritis Pain Reliever Drugs (NSAIDS) Cause Heart Attacks and Early Premature Death!

This article from Science Daily just confirms why you should NOT TAKE NSAIDs ( non-steriodal inflammatory drugs) for long-term knee pain or arthritis pain control...
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Wild Fish Better for Arthritis Pain Relief than Toxic Farm-Raised Fish

Here's why you should avoid farm raised fish and eat only wild seafood for your arthritis...
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Knee Exercises and Massage Better for Your Arthritis Pain Than Popping Pain Pills Study Shows…

Working out and getting physical therapy with massage is better for your knees than popping pain pills...
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Man with Arthritis Robs Bank to Get Free Medical Care…

This man was so desperate from his arthritis pain he robbed a bank.

Here's the story from the Telegraph...
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Latest Research on Stem Cells for Knee Arthritis

Stem cells are the treatment of the future for knee arthritis.

So do everything in your power today to avoid a knee replacement otherwise So do everything in your power today to avoid a knee replacement otherwise your...
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Why Natural Anti-Inflammatories are Better, Safer and Offer More Relief than NSAIDs for Knee Arthritis

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a single pill that was a miracle cure for your knee pain?

In my medical experience that doesn’t exist.

But there are combinations of natural anti-inflammatories super-joint nutrients that give you...
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Harvard Study Shows Micro-Fracture Knee Surgery Raises Arthritis Risk & Pain

Warning! Do Not Get MicroFracture Surgery for Any Reason - It Sucks!!!

Here's why...
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How I Cured My Lover’s Knee Cap Pain – Naturally without Cartilage Destroying Drugs or Painful Injections

My significant other got right knee cap pain last week.

I helped her get rid of her knee pain and back working out in under 7 days.

Here's her story...
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