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If you suffer with chronic knee pain
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The Best Knee Treatment I’ve Found as a M.D.
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Avoid Deadly Drugs, Joint-Destroying Injections and Needless Surgery



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Let me share with you the only knee treatment that helps many patients get rid of their chronic knee pain in under 7 days.

My name is Dr. Paul Anderson M.D., D.A.A.P.M. I’ve been a tertiary care specialist in Sports Medicine & Pain Management for over 25 years.

I treat patients that others can’t help and fix common Doctors mistakes.

You can get rid of your knee pain even from bone on bone arthritis without drugs, injections or knee replacement surgery.


Too Good to Be True

Skeptical? I don’t blame you.

My arthritic knee patients and I were too – until they started walking, working out, and playing sports. Some were even running again without knee pain!

Best of all they no longer take dangerous arthritis drugs, get joint-destroying injections or need risky knee replacement surgery.

Here are a few of their stories…

Dr. Kimes 20 Year Knee Pain Vanished in Just Days and is Still Gone After 3 Years – Now He’s Back out Running Again Like an All American!

4 Years Later Dr. Kimes Still has No Knee Pain and is Still Running!

“I’m running again without knee problems for the first time in 20 years. Amazing!

I never thought in my wildest dreams I’d run again! I tried everything short of surgery. This is the most effective, long-lasting all natural knee treatment I ever used for my patients and my own bad knee.”

Dr. Mark Kimes D.C.
Carmel, California


Nurse Rada Works Out Harder than a Navy Seal Despite Bone on Bone Knee Arthritis and 12 Cortisone Shots!

3 years Later Almost No Knee Pain and Still Working Out!

“I’m stunned that my knee pain is so minimal. I can do things like cleaning, walking, working out and even enjoying hikes with my sweetheart.

My surgeon says this is impossible – said I needed knee replacements.

But I’m living proof you can do well even with bad knee arthritis. No more drugs or shots and no surgery! Now I share this natural knee treatment with my patients.”

P.S. “I avoided 2 knee replacements so far and the longer the better.”

Nurse Radha Baum,
New York, New York

Listen to Nurse Radha’s Amazing Story



Ex-Professional Football Player Andrew’s 23 Years of Arthritis Knee Pain from 14 Knee Surgeries is Gone in Just 7 Days – Now He Runs 10k a Day!

5 Years Later Andrew Still Running without Knee Pain

“After 14 knee surgeries, I couldn’t even play with my daughters and was struggling to work as a paramedic. My surgeon wanted to replace my knees but I was too young.

Now I can play with my kids, workout and run my knees feel good again.

I have lost 45 lbs. I’m leading an active lifestyle now that is not only good for my knees, but it’s good for my heart.”

Paramedic Andrew Primmer,
Toronto, Canada



Stop Wasting Your Hard-Earned Money on Useless Knee Treatments

Are you sick and tired of your throwing away your hard-earned money on useless knee treatments, bogus cures, dangerous drugs and joint-destroying injections?

I understand because…

Companies Begged Me to Test Their Products But None Helped My Knee Patients!

I tried everything to help my knee pain patients like you – from supplements like glucosamine, arthritis (NSAIDS) drugs, injections, therapy and surgery with no meaningful results. In fact…

I was frustrated because there was no “real” effective solution to help my knee pain patients.

Nothing helped till now…

My Medical Research Team Discovers 24 Super-Nutrients for Knee Arthritis

Desperate to help my patients, I hired a super-star medical research team of Doctors, Scientists, PhDs and chiropractors to find the solution for arthritis and chronic knee pain.

After 10 years of painstaking searching the world, testing and researching we found…

24 super-nutrients when taken in the right combination helps most arthritic knee pain sufferers – even those who failed on other treatments.

24 Super-Nutrients for Healthy Cartilage and Joint Soothing

Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO), Boswellia Serrata, Turmeric, Holy Basil Oil, Irish Red Marine Aquamin Algae, Ginger Rhizome, Schizandra Berry, Arnica Montana, Bromelain, Serrapeptase, Corydalis root, Yucca, Glucosamine Sulphate, Chondroitin Sulphate , MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Gelatin, Hydrolized Collagen Type 2, Hyaluronic acid, Boron, Zinc, Manganese, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 Learn more

My team put these 24 super-nutrients into a single joint formula called Dr. Paul’s Ultimate Relief Rx.

Arthritic Patients Report Relief in Under 7 Days with Dr. Paul’s Ultimate Relief Rx

In a clinic study, 88.46% of people with significant arthritis reported improvement in their knees and other joints in 7 days or less – many of whom who failed on other treatments.

The patient’s results were life changing!

Here’s a few more stories from the thousands of people we’ve helped…


Paul’s Running with His Son Again without Knee Pain

“I feel like I’m back in my 20’s again after taking Dr. Paul’s natural joint products.

Now I can play ball with my son, go for runs on the beach and enjoy basketball again.

This was so amazing I called my mom and she avoided a knee replacement and stop using her cane.”

It’s a new lease on life – it’s amazing!”

Actor and Dad Paul Ganus
Hollywood, California

Listen to How Paul Got His Life Back



Paul’s Mom Louise Threw Away Her Cane and is Golfing Again
Now She Needs Two Trainers to keep Up with Her!

“Wow! After a month it’s been amazing! Really!

It’s been very, very beneficial.

I no longer have a problem with my knee. I mean, it’s gone!

I am extremely happy with the results.

All older women should know about Dr. Paul’s Joint Products”

Louise Ganus
La Jolla, California, USA

Listen to How Louise Avoided More Cortisone Shots and Knee Replacement


Why Dr. Paul’s Ultimate Relief Joint Formula Helps When All Other Treatments Fail

My team unearthed three shocking discoveries that lead to the first real natural joint formula for knee arthritis.

Shocking Discovery #1 – Arthritis Knee Pain is Caused by 3 Knee Problems

Arthritis Knee pain is caused by not 1 but 3 knee problems:

#1) Broken-down, worn-out cartilage

#2) Inflammation & Swelling

#3) Dry brittle joints with too little lubrication

These 3 knee problems cause a horrible pain and inflammation cycle hell you can’t escape on your own.

Here’s what happens:


Broken cartilage breaks down into razor sharp needles like microscopic glass shards that jab into your knee causing inflammation and swelling.

The inflammation and swelling causes your knee joints to lose lubrication.

This destructive inflammation and swelling lights your pain nerves on fire.

Your pain nerves send a constant stream of pain messages to the brain.

Pain weakens your knee muscles which puts extra heavy strain on your already broken cartilage – breaking off more pieces.

Your pain and inflammation cycle starts making your knee pain worse and worse.

Shocking Discovery #2 – You must Fix All Three Knee Problems at the Same Time

You must fix all three of these knee problems – broken cartilage, inflammation and loss of lubrication at the same time. There is no one drug, injection or supplement that has the power by itself to do all three.

Shocking Discovery #3 – Why Most Doctor Recommended Knee Treatments Fail to Help You and Often Make Your Knee Arthritis Worse!

Knee treatments from supplements like glucosamine, natural joint formulas to drugs, injections, therapy and surgery failed to help knee pain patients like you too.

The main reason these knee pain treatments fail is because they are not powerfully enough by themselves to “fix” the 3 knee problems which are the real cause of knee pain.

Worse of all most arthritis drugs (also called natural anti-inflammatory drugs, NSAIDS), cortisone injections and micro -fracture surgery damages already broken cartilage causing acceleration of your arthritis up to 3 times faster.

The Natural Joint Formula that Fixes the 3 Knee Problems Causing Your Knee Pain

Here’s what we discovered to fix the 3 problems causing your knee pain

1) Fix Cartilage Damage – The best 7 nutrients that help healthy cartilage growth

2) Reduce Inflammation soothing sore joints – 11 natural nutrients that support your body’s natural anti-inflammatory response by soothing joint flare-ups

3) Give your body the “right” nutrient to lubricate the joint- Hyaluronic Acid

Once you fix the first 3 knee problems most people returned to activity and strengthened their weak muscles.

Dr. Paul’s Ultimate Relief Rx All Natural Joint Formula

We put all the supporting cartilage builders, natural anti-inflammatory and joint lubricant super-nutrients into a formula called Dr Paul’s Ultimate Relief.

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